What is behind Shein's rock bottom prices?

The company is one of the most valuable startups in the world, but with little or no transparency, the Chinese retailer raises speculation about poor working conditions.


Digital influencers that don’t exist in real life, but are conquering brands like Prada, Gucci, Burberry, and more

There is a generation of digital influencers that are gaining more and more prominence on social media platforms, reaching millions of followers on Instagram.


Victoria's Secret is finally giving up on its famous Angels: is it too late?

Repositioning of the lingerie brand wants to put aside the stereotype that led it to success and become more inclusive.


Brands invest almost twice as much on Facebook during the COVID-19 pandemic

A study by Socialbakers reveals that most brands decided to bet more on social networks, especially on Facebook.


Burger King vs. McDonald’s: How to Successfully Annoy Your Competitor

If a few years ago it was unanimous that McDonald’s was the best fast food in the world, today that has changed a lot. And the main reason why this unanimity has lost strength has a name: Burger King. Mc's main arch-rival has been standing out with a Digital Marketing strategy that is often aggressive, but extremely persuasive and differentiated.


Intimacy takes its toll. And OnlyFans is making big money out of it

Voted one of the most influential companies in the world by Time magazine, the platform that allows content creators to charge a monthly fee for exclusive posts saw their revenue grow 553% during the pandemic.

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