Queue Management

WhyLine is a digital platform to efficiently manage appointments, eliminate waiting times, prevent no-shows, and control the flow in and out of your premises, offering an enhanced and safe experience to your customers

Prefer Not to Wait in Line Ever Again?

Our Queue Management Solution powered by Whyline combines a SaaS platform with a navigational system to offer a complete solution for time management.

The platform virtualizes the entire queuing process for companies and government by allowing their customers to see the live wait-times for their destinations and enter lines remotely, from any location.

More than 25 million customers around the globe have already chosen us.

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Product Suite

Queue Management

Simply the most advanced cloud-based Queue Management System ever created that fulfills the needs of every industry.

Virtual Line

Your customers will be able to book their entry shift through the application and know in real-time when their shift is approaching.


Future appointments consolidated in a single, ‘smart’ agenda, working in tandem with Virtual Line to eliminate last-minute gaps from cancelations or no-shows.

Capacity Management

Control onsite capacity/foot traffic remotely, by allowing customers to view live congestion levels and pre-book their timeslot for entry. At the same time, it provides staff with real-time insights into congestions and capacity levels.

Mobile Order to Delivery

Ability for customers to place orders ahead, pay for them, schedule product pickups and home deliveries, or schedule their product returns in advance.

Statistics Suite

Data analytics suite to analyze the flow of services lines, customers, and staff on both aggregated or individualized levels.

Case Studies

Financial Services


The Bank's branch experience reflects the poor digital education of customers. We collaborate in the education and migration to digital channels of the clients. Digital tutorials were added so that in the event that the operation to be carried out by the client can be carried out digitally, the user receives tutorials and assistance for carrying out 100% online. This initiative also ordered the flow of branches.

Health Care


Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein it’s the most well-known healthcare system in Brazil. They have several facilities spread, mainly consisting of outpatient clinics, urgent care centers, and hospitals. Whyline provided to this Hospital a fully integrated and seamless patient experience. We embedded this functionality within Einstein's existing digital portals, whereby the system manages both in-person appointments and telemedicine consultations, including the ability to convert an in-person appointment into a virtual appointment subject to algorithmic recommendations after the patient answers a short list of screening questions.



A Fortune 500 global clothing retailer with an HQ in Spain, struggled with maintaining capacity restrictions  in light of Covid-19 and was looking for a solution to optimize and virtually  control onsite foot traffic while at the same time improve the customer experience, ensure safe social distancing guidelines were being followed and speed up servicing times.

Public Sector


The city government’s offices were faced with overcrowding, lengthy wait times, diminishing levels of customer satisfaction, and lack of transactional visibility among its management & employees. With WhyLine they were able to:

• Decreased wait times
• Streamlined foot traffic throughout the day and improvements in customer service surveys
• Enhanced quality control and operational efficiencies within the offices
• Alleviated employee stress levels from dealing with impatient customers

Eliminate the wait and improve your customer experience!

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