Project Summary

We assisted Jaguar Land Rover in designing and implementing its GDPR European Platform which enabled the company to transform the way they use customer data to provide transparency, create trust and empowerment.

Live Project
Management Consulting
Jaguar Land Rover
August 2018
Management Consulting

With the implementation of this GDPR project JLR had the opportunity to:

Improve Relationships
  • Gain a better understanding of their customers
  • Ameliorate customer engagement
  • Provide a better customer experience
Boost its Brand Recognition
  • Attract talented people and customers, since brand reputation is strongly tied to data management
Enhance Its Privacy and Respect
  • Consumers engage with progressive organisations. If the consumer understands how their data is used, they will be more willing to give up their information
  • To maintain consumer confidence and generate value from their data, privacy must be embedded in the organisation
Create common processes across the market
  • Improve ways of working
  • Consistent processes across all markets
Bring more transparency to processes
  • GDPR provides an opportunity to understand what data you hold, what you use and what is redundant
Improve Processes and Systems
  • Enhance digital transformation
  • Upgrade legacy systems
Intensify its Trust
  • Create trust through transparency