Innovation LAB

Project Summary

We have led an Innovation Lab with the purpose to disseminate the Culture of Innovation in our client’s organization, activate their collective genius, and trigger the generation of new ideas to move the business forward.

Live Project
Management Consulting
January 2021
Management Consulting

Our Innovation LAB is a new working-and-learning experience dedicated to advance our clients’ capacity of leading for innovation, exploring different perspectives on what makes innovation unfold, to work in a new way on the innovation-related challenges that they are facing.

It is not a conference. It is not a seminar. It’s a truly new thing.
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Imagine an Innovation LAB involving leaders who are dealing with innovation-related challenges led by a facilitation team formed by experts, following an unusual process of discovery, co-design, and learning, where nobody is a passive observer, exploring the relationship between innovation, leadership, culture, and business transformation.

You will stretch your thinking, shatter some of your current assumptions, embrace new ways of working, reorganize your approach to innovation.
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We have explored the space of entanglement, understood how to manage the ambiguity and conflicts in the organization, we have built devices that trigger inventions, we learned to embrace failure as a way to progress and continuously evolve, hunting and gathering new perspectives.

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Finally, we have co-designed prototypes and experiments that reframed our beliefs about innovation, how we learn, explore and practice.

Because innovation starts from individuals, from ourselves.
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