3 Disruptive Ways to Shop Online

March 15, 2021

e already know that COVID-19 has transformed our world in an irreproachable manner, according to an IBM survey supported by Techcrunch, the pandemic has accelerated the shift away from physical stores to digital shopping by roughly five years. Thus, brands had to reinvent themselves online and invest in immersive digital experiences for consumers. Discover below some of them.

AR Snapchat Store

Augmented Reality online store on Snapchat

Combining entertainment, social media, and shopping is something that Chinese brands have dominated for years, but the trend has only begun to win the United States in the pandemic. American Eagle, which target audience is younger consumers, has opened an augmented reality store on Snapchat during the 2020 holiday season.

The shop was a digital version of a real-life American Eagle store, and its visuals were refreshed three times along the campaign so that if users came back, it would be a different experience. The company garnered 41 million impressions of the store, which led to 26,000 purchases, totaling $1.9 million in sales.

Beauty Live Store

Filming studio inside beauty shop

Beauty startup Beautycounter has set up a studio to broadcast live experiences at their store in Los Angeles, from navigating the aisles to make-up demonstrations and community events. Customers watching from home can comment and receive live responses on the screen.

Outside the store in Abbot Kinney, there is a big sign that lights up when a live recording is going on, like an old radio studio. Inside, the front of the store is a traditional store, but at the back, there is a stage equipped with professional lighting and audio equipment.

Entrance to the BeautyCounter salon with the film set

Throughout the day, Beautycounter employees broadcast live on a platform called Bambuser, which will be broadcast on the Beautycounter website. If a customer sees a product they like, they can click to see the product page.

Fashion Video Game

To connect with millennial consumers, 40% of whom identify as gamers, many luxury houses are creating their own video games. Balenciaga for example presented its 2021 collection in the form of an online video game, Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow.

Balenciaga game where you can change and buy outfits of the models

The player traveled to the near future, from the Balenciaga store to various magical landscapes, where the characters appear in different outfits from the collection, with an easy option to buy any item of interest while they were playing, since the game lived on Balenciaga’s website.

What do you think of these experiences?

Source: Fast Company

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